Il nostro naufrago, per alleviare la nostalgia, organizza un aperitivo con "l'Amicocca", una noce di cocco umanizzata che gli ricorda le persone rimaste a casa. La tribù di indigeni, si accorge della sua tristezza e non esita ad aiutarlo organizzando un festoso "happy hour" a base di Sfoglie.
Ormai amico degli indigeni, il naufrago prova a sfamarsi addentando una pannocchia: decisamente troppo dura! È allora che allo sciamano viene un'idea: fargli assaggiare i nuovi Cracker Mais! Il delizioso gusto del mais, ma sfiziosamente croccante! E con il 30% di grassi in meno rispetto ai cracker tradizionali.
Scopri di più su: In una assolata isola "deserta" un naufrago cerca di cavarsela come può, fino a quando gli indigeni che popolano la spiaggia di fianco scoprono il suo SOS e corrono in suo aiuto perché... quando si condivide va tutto meglio!

Marcus returns to cannes in 2016

Following the two films Marcus was in that exhibited in Cannes Film Festival 2015, Marcus returns to Cannes in 2016. Very different in style 'Shudder' he plays a war photographer who only cares about one thing; the money for the next shot.

Marcus' YIT safety video also wins Golden Camera Award at the US International Film & Video Festival in Los Angeles

YIT Work Safety -video is an ABC guide to working on a construction building site. The chosen format of simple and clean animation was designed with the target audience in mind. There are several Central Asian nationalities working in the Russian Federation area. YIT wanted to produce a work safety animation especially to educate workers from this area. As you will come to notice towards the end of the animation, the first and foremost message is to prevent unnecessary falls on the building site. The second aim is to provide tools for safe working and to educate about basic protective equipment and safety rules and routines on the building site. The relatively slow pace of the narration and the stripped simple animation style was tailor made for the main audience of Uzbek and Taijik origin. The original animation was created in English and language versions were made in Russian, Taijik and Uzbek. This video is a key asset on the YIT building sites during work safety training and induction process.

Marcus' YIT SafEty Video wins both Gold and Grand prize at the World Media Festival

Marcus provided the voiceover for the Russian/Finnish construction company YIT's safety video. The video has won not just the Gold prize but also the Grand-Prix prize at the World Media Festival Awards in Hamburg. Watch it on the Narration Voice Work Page.

Congratulations ! Bunny The Killer Thing secures a worldwide distribution deal with Raven Banner at the Cannes Film Festival. Now will be touring the festival circuit

Bunny The Killer Thing won the Madness Section at Nocturna, Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival. The special guest at Nocturna was the legendary Robert Englund a.k.a. Freddy Krueger.

Festival Calendar
13-20 May: Cannes (screening 17 May, Olympia 3)
29 May: Nocturna, Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival, Spain [] – Winner: Madness Section
17 June & 19 June: Festival Alto Vicentino, Santorso, Italy []
25th July: Fantasia International Film Festival (Montreal, Canada)
7th Aug: Lost Episode Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)
23th Aug: Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival @ Wizard World Comic Con Chicago (Chicago, USA)
5th Sep: L’Étrange Festival (Paris, France)
19th Sep: /slash Filmfestival (Wien, Austria)
19th Sep & 20th of Sep: Sydney Underground Film Festival (Sydney, Australia)
25th Sep: Arizona Underground Film Festival (Arizona, USA)
30th Sep: L’Absurde Séance Festival (Nantes, France)
date tbc Oct: Dracula Film Festival (Brașov, Transylvania, Romania)
18th Oct: Finland’s Sneak preview (Kajaani, Finland, Bio Rex – Kajaani)
28th Oct & 1st Nov: Morbido (Puebla, Mexico)
31st Oct: Cinemadrome, (Tampere, Finland) (19:00 – Niagara)


FB page: Bunny The Killer Thing Facebook
Twitter: Bunny The Killer Thing Twitter
IMDb: Bunny The Killer Thing IMDb
Bunny The Killer Thing website:


'My Beautiful White Skin' is an extremely serious drama written to raise awareness of the skin lightening phenomenon that grips India and Indian heritage girls in Britain, commenting on the dramatic emotional damage that this can cause.

My Beautiful White Skin IMDb
My Beautiful White Skin website

Bunny The Killer Thing website


Marcus has been cast as a film director in 'Dysfunction', a comedy starring Ben Green, directed by the award winning James Atkins.

Dysfunction on IMDb:

Trailer Is Now Released. Watch the teaser trailer here:

Marcus has a thing to say about the Finnish weather. Watch some behind the scenes footage from the Bunny The Killer Thing shoot on location in north eastern Finland. The temperature is -35C:

Marcus plays 'Lucus' in Bunny The Killer Thing, a classical genre horror feature film. Bunny The Killer Thing was filmed in early 2014 entirely in northern Finland and is due for release in 2015. Bunny The Killer Thing is being exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2015.

In the dark winter woods of Finland, a group of seven Finnish young adults are heading to have a fun weekend at a cabin. By chance, three foreign men end up in the same cabin. However, the men seem to be hiding a terrible secret, and the party weekend at the cabin becomes a game of life and death when all of a sudden a weird creature attacks from forest to terrorize them all! The creature is half man, half rabbit. The creature is Bunny the Killer Thing!

Barack And The Beanstalk

Marcus played Barack Obama in David Shirreff and Russell Sarre's

Barack and the Beanstalk, a new musical by David Shirreff and Russell Sarre, directed by Ross Livingstone, is showing at the OSO Arts Centre, Barnes and Canal Cafe Theatre, Little Venice.

Now, after bashing Britain and Euroland, Shirreff and Sarre turn the fire-hose on America, also known as God’s own country. Not to be missed! Oblivious of the well-known fairy tale, young Barack sells the family cow for a handful of beans and gets into deep water. Who is the Giant? What gets laid by his precious hen? This is a musical romp that goes all the way to America’s near-bankruptcy, accompanied by a mad hatter’s Tea Party of assorted bankers, lawyers and politicians. Great tunes and nifty words.

Hitchcock Homage

Marcus performed as 'Kenneth' in Hitchcock Homage at Barons Court Theatre from 01 July 2014 until 06 July 2014.

Stage Theatre Company returns with their acclaimed Hitchcock Homage production, a dark comedy inspired by the Master of Suspense highlighting the callousness and deviousness of two lovers trying to get away with the perfect crime. A dinner party. A dead body. A killer twist... and of course the obligatory cameo.

The Versatile Horse

Marcus provides the voiceover for this uplifting video for the Finnish Horse Board.

The Versatile Horse is a film about the horse industry in Finland and its influence on society in both rural and built up areas. Visit the 'Narration Voice Work' page of this website.