Marcus provided the voiceover for this award winning video. It won both the Gold prize and the Grand prize at the Word Media Festival 2015 in Hamburg. The video was competing in a group of more than 700 entries from 40 countries around the world. Top players from advertising giants like Dentsu and DDB to media companies like BBC, NBC, HBO and Fox. Even space agencies NASA and ESA where listed among the attending companies.
List of companies:

YIT Work Safety -video is an ABC guide to working on a construction building site. The chosen format of simple and clean animation was designed with the target audience in mind. There are several Central Asian nationalities working in the Russian Federation area. YIT wanted to produce a work safety animation especially to educate workers from this area. As you will come to notice towards the end of the animation, the first and foremost message is to prevent unnecessary falls on the building site. The second aim is to provide tools for safe working and to educate about basic protective equipment and safety rules and routines on the building site. The relatively slow pace of the narration and the stripped simple animation style was tailor made for the main audience of Uzbek and Taijik origin. The original animation was created in English and language versions were made in Russian, Taijik and Uzbek. This video is a key asset on the YIT building sites during work safety training and induction process.

Marcus provides the voiceover for this uplifting video for the Finnish Horse Board. The Versatile Horse is a film about the horse industry in Finland and its influence on society in both rural and built up areas.
The Versatile Horse, Suomen Hippos ry, Hippolis ry, Suomen Ratsastajainliitto ry
Film by Mobile-TV, Pauli Talikka

Marcus performs a voiceover for a documentary about the plight of the so called 'untouchables' in India.

Marcus is the distinctive voice of Gamucci. This is the Gamucci commercial followed by the Gamucci infomercial.

Marcus provides the voiceover narration for this tutorial video for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Marcus provides the voiceover narration for this elaborate Eurovision Contest tribute show promotion video.