Enquire directly on: artiste@marcusmassey.com

Please consider and include this information:

  • What is the voiceover for?
  • Can you share the script?
  • Is the script final?
  • What will the useage be?
  • What are the timings and/or deadlines?
  • Would you like to be connected via phone patch during the recording?
  • Do you want the full session recording or do you need it edited?
  • Is there a client sign-off for potential changes or "re-records"?
  • If a section is not standard English, requires correction, or is actually grammatically incorrect, then how should I proceed?
  • How and where will the work be used?
  • Payment method: Paypal or TransferWise or Direct Transfer?
  • Payment: I expect actually receive the amount agreed; I do not expect to pay currency conversion commission or other fees.
  • I will require a high quality copy of the finished work

Quote will include:

  • script preparation (pronunciation, annotation, etc.)
  • studio fee
  • professional recording
  • editing
  • quality control (prooflistening)
  • free retakes, as long as they are not necessitated by changes in the script after the initial audio was recorded. The recording of a script that was revised after the first text was officially approved and recorded is regarded and billed as a new project
  • uploading of audio